What Are Some Tips for a Social Worker's Resume?

What Are Some Tips for a Social Worker's Resume?

Tips for a social worker’s resume include listing and quantifying accomplishments, tailoring the resume for the specific position, and spelling out all acronyms. The basics of a good resume include using the correct tense, adding appropriate action words and following good formatting practices.

Job applicants who list their specific accomplishments help hiring managers to determine the applicants' potential contributions to the organization. Accomplishments may include creating specialized programs, coming up with cost-saving ideas, and working on special projects, task forces or committees.

Social workers should also quantify the accomplishments in their resumes to be more convincing and to stand out from other applicants. Quantifying accomplishments may include indicating the number of people supervised or the amount of money secured in a grant for a previous agency.

Social workers who tailor their resumes for the specific positions or jobs they are applying for have a higher chance of getting hired. This is because hiring managers often use keywords to find potential candidates for the positions they want to fill. Appropriate keywords include those used to describe clients, patients, survivors, victims, children or adults.

Lastly, spelling out all acronyms ensures that hiring managers or computers are familiar with the content of the resume. Some hiring managers may have limited clinical knowledge and be unwilling to find out what each acronym means.