What Are Some Tips for Setting up Employee Training Programs?


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When planning employee training programs, start by identifying the need or goal for the training, the employee group to receive the training, and the best time to schedule the training. Decide whether to have an experienced staff member or an outside professional conduct the training and whether to use computer-based learning.

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Consider the educational level and prior background of the employee group and whether they are attending voluntarily. Keep the size manageable enough for people to comfortably participate by asking questions and discussing the topic.

The training may be a short workshop, an intensive boot camp, or a series of sessions. Start by going over what is on the agenda, what the employees can expect to learn and how their achievement is measured. Go over ground rules such as holding questions until the end of a topic or asking them as they occur.

One way to keep learners engaged is to have them relate the material to their own experiences; keep the material relevant by connecting it to real-life workplace scenarios. Address different learning styles by having visual aids as well as a spoken lecture or text handouts. Give employees the chance to practice newly-learned information with exercises and discussions, and go over the answers right after each exercise. Have some kind of assessment to qualify participants as having successfully completed the training.

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