What Are Some Tips for Selling Standing Timber?


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Some tips for selling standing timber include assessing the stand's value, advertising the sale to attract higher bids and making the harvest part of a cohesive forest management plan. Obtaining assistance from a professional forester can help maintain the health of the forest, ensuring ongoing productivity and value. Mark the boundaries of the area to be harvested and any trees that should be left standing.

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Some factors that affect the price when selling standing timber include the size, quality and species of trees that make up the stand. A professional forester can help identify tree species and prepare an inventory of the timber for sale. A forester can also provide an estimate of the timber's value and assist in marketing the sale to obtain the best price.

Site conditions such as steep slope or poor drainage can make harvesting a stand more expensive and therefore reduce the price a buyer is willing to pay. Easy access to roads and proximity to mills may increase the value of a stand. Many times, larger areas of timber can be sold at a higher price per unit due to improved economies of scale in harvesting costs. Property owners must remain involved in the sale throughout harvesting operations to ensure compliance, and help from a professional forester can be invaluable.

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