What Are Some Tips for Selling Your House?

tips-selling-house Credit: Martin Barraud/OJO Images/Getty Images

Tips for selling your house include setting the right price, increasing the curb appeal, updating the interior and exterior, and cleaning the house. Be flexible about viewing hours to ensure that as many people as possible see your home.

Set the right price from the beginning to help sell the house faster. A high asking price may discourage potential buyers and make them think that you are unwilling to negotiate or are not serious about selling the house. The first 30 days are the most crucial when attempting to make a sale.

First impressions are very important when selling a home because prospective buyers form expectations and opinions as soon as they see the home. Ways to enhance a home’s curb appeal include planting flowers, adding new sod, replacing the mailbox or painting the front door.

Updating the interior and exterior of the home ensures that the house matches up to the current market conditions. This may include fresh paint, new fixtures and updated landscaping. Research what is in style for the best result.

Hire a deep cleaning service to ensure that potential buyers find the house in pristine condition. Remove excess furniture and clutter to make the home appear larger. Remove religious items, family photos and political items. Removing personal items from the house helps potential buyers to better envision their future in the home.

Get the word out. The real estate market in a busy metro is often flooded with hundreds of listings. To stand out, offer unique incentives such as a home protection plan, furniture or a 1-year gym membership. Take advantage of all online listings and local media opportunities. Use a real estate agent with a large network and strong reputation in the market.