What Are Some Tips for Saving Money When Ordering Replacement Checks?


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To save money when ordering replacement checks, order them from a printing company rather than the bank, advises About.com. To save even more, order blank checks, and use your own printer to add personal or business details to them. Alternatively, use special software, and create your own checks from scratch.

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Although the safest and easiest option may be to phone and order replacement checks directly from the bank, this usually costs more than other alternatives, explains About.com. To economize, search online for a private printer that handles checks. Because using a check printer requires disclosure of personal or business financial information, before placing an order, be sure that the company is legitimate. Ordering from a printer allows customization of checks with hobby or sports themes. Personalize them further by selecting unique graphics, colors, logos, images or photos.

Ordering blank checks without account information on them or creating checks with software is possible with almost any printer, according to About.com. However, it's best to use check printing paper with special security features and magnetic ink. Although it's possible to print bank account numbers and routing numbers without magnetic ink, non-optical magnetic readers do not pick them up. This necessitates manual handling of the checks, which may result in slower processing and extra fees.

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