What Are Some Tips for Renting From Owners in Austin, Texas?


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Some tips for renting from owners in Austin, Texas include filling out applications right away, bringing everyone who will be living in the rental property to see it and being realistic about the monthly budget. Availability and housing specials change rapidly in the Austin market, so have an exact moving date as well, notes UrbanSquaredRealty.com.

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Look at multiple properties and be ready to fill out paperwork on favorite ones immediately. Waiting to see if there is a better deal down the line can result in losing out on the ideal rental. Paying a deposit and filling out the paperwork allows potential renters to take the property 'off the market' and out of the hands of other potential renters, adds UrbanSquaredRealty.com.

Bring everyone who will live in the house or apartment when going on a tour. Owners who rent properties do not want any surprises later on. They want to meet and assess every person who plans to live there. It also makes it easier to fill out paperwork and pay deposits in full with every roommate present.

Know how much rent the group can afford to pay before beginning the search. Agents have no control over rental prices; the owner sets these costs, so be upfront about the rent budget. However, owners are often willing to negotiate to an extent, so check to see if they accept less or throw in a perk for the renters.

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