What Are Some Tips for Renting Mobile Homes in Parks?


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Prior to entering a lease to rent a mobile home and park space, clarify the rent and terms of the lease, the duties of the landlord and the tenant, the nature of rent increases, what happens if the tenant must vacate and rules regarding subletting, according to Lawyers.com. The law places different demands on landlords and tenants depending on the state of residence, and it is important to understand these requirements prior to signing a lease.

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Get the provisions of the lease in writing, notes Lawyers.com. The lease typically includes an acknowledgement of the landlord's responsibilities to keep the premises safe and habitable, specify the conditions under which he may retain the security deposit, note the length of warning time prior to increasing rent or requiring the tenant to vacate the premises, and other duties that affect the tenant's living conditions.

The lease also clarifies the tenant's responsibilities, such as determining which maintenance tasks he must perform, not destroying or changing any part of the landlord's property, respecting the other tenants' right to peaceful enjoyment of the park, and seeking the landlord's approval prior to subletting or selling the mobile home, advises Lawyers.com. The nature of leasing a mobile home varies from other types of residential leasing due to the unequal footing of the landlord and tenant, so it is important to determine what legal protections are in place for both parties to avoid future problems.

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