What Are Some Tips for Renting Commercial Space?

Some tips for renting commercial space include call the For Lease numbers, don't make the first offer for a lease and get several proposals at the same time. Start the search for the space at least six months before it is needed, advises Franchising.com.

Begin the rental process by driving around the desired area, identifying some ideal available properties and calling the For Lease numbers posted. This allows a prospective renter to work directly with the listing agent. Negotiating with the agent gives a renter more control over the rental procedure and lets him practice how to speak with agents.

To get the best possible leasing deal, the owner should pursue the potential renter, not vice versa. Seeming too eager to rent may cause the agent or owner to inflate the price. Instead of asking for a lease on the spot, have the agent prepare a lease proposal, suggests Franchising.com. This allows room for counter-offers and negotiating other terms.

Do not stop with one proposal. Instead, create competition for your business by simultaneously asking for proposals to lease several properties. Negotiating for multiple locations is one of the best ways to get a good deal. If a landlord knows you're considering another property, she may throw in a few months of free rent or reduce the monthly lease price as an incentive. This leverage helps a renter to get the best deal on a desired space.