What Are Some Tips for Renting an Apartment in Paris?


Parisian apartment hunters should prepare dossiers of important paperwork before visiting apartments, according to Bonjour Paris. If they use estate agents, they should expect to pay fees equal to at least one month's worth of rent for a one-year lease on an apartment. Apartment hunters should also know that landlords do not normally negotiate rent in Paris.

Professionals who want to rent in Paris should include in their dossiers copies of their passports, their last three pay stubs, their latest tax returns and their French bank account numbers, notes Paris Rental Blog. They must earn at least three times the cost of the rent each month. They also need letters that state their place of employment, length of employment, title, annual salary and the name of a person who can verify the authenticity of the letter.

Students who want to rent in Paris need copies of their passports, certificates of enrollment from their schools and their French bank account numbers, explains Paris Rental Blog. A student also needs a guarantor who can provide the same documents necessary for a professional to rent a Paris apartment.

Apartment hunters should know that most unfurnished apartments do not include stoves, washers, refrigerators or freezers, notes Bonjour Paris. Most furnished apartments contain a small, dorm-size refrigerator, no oven and no dryer.