What Are Some Tips for Renting an Apartment With Bad Credit?


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Tips for renting an apartment with bad credit include getting a co-signer with sufficient credit, paying a couple of months' rent in advance and showing steady income, explains Forbes. Letters of recommendation that vouch for the character of a potential renter are also helpful.

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Further tips for potential renters with bad credit history are to check their credit reports before apartment hunting so they know exactly what they are working with and can correct any errors, and focus on landlords who do not check credit, says About.com. To find such landlords, prospective renters should bypass apartment complexes in favor of smaller properties that individual landlords own and run. Even if a smaller landlord does run credit checks, he might consider applicants with subpar credit as long as they meet considerations such as income, paying rent in advance and recommendation letters.

Being truthful from the beginning, before a landlord runs a credit check, stands to help an applicant with bad credit, according to Forbes. Prospective renters should explain reasons such as job losses or medical emergencies that contributed to bad credit, and outline how they've corrected the problems. Getting a roommate is an alternative to bringing a co-signer on board, especially if the roommate qualifies to sign the lease on his own and is willing to do it.

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