What are some tips for refilling a CO2 tank for cheap?


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Use an air compressor to fill a CO2 tank for cheap. First, attach the compressor to the CO2 fitting, and make sure both ends are secured tightly. Open the bleed-off valve on the top of the CO2 fitting to drain any remaining air from the tank. Identify the size of the tank in ounces, and multiply it by two to determine how many seconds the compressor should run. For example, an 8-ounce tank needs 16 seconds of air.

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Close the bleed valve on the CO2 fitting. Turn on the compressor for the determined amount of time, and reopen the bleed valve for just a second to eliminate any air left in the lines. Remove the compressor hose to finish.

Refilling a CO2 tank can cost around $5 per refill at outdoor and sporting good retailers such as Dick's Sporting Goods, as refills are priced according to tank capacity. Refilling a tank at home with the use of an air compressor is a one time cost of the air compressor, and possibly free if one is already at your disposal.

Adhere to the determined amount of time needed to fill the CO2 cartridge as closely as possible. Overfilling a CO2 tank can result in compressor or tank damage, or even bodily harm. Make sure that the fitting for the CO2 tank is compatible with the air compressor in question. Whether full or empty, do not drop or puncture the CO2 tank, and keep it out of the way of anything flammable.

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