What Are Some Tips for Reducing Your Property Taxes?


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Tips for reducing property taxes include ensuring information on a property tax card is accurate, not adding additions on a home, giving a residence less curb appeal and walking the property with a tax assessor, notes Glenn Curtis for Investopedia. A homeowner should also find out how much his neighbors pay for property tax.

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Information on a property tax card includes room dimensions, lot size and the number of fixtures inside of the home, says Curtis. Any inaccurate information could entitle a homeowner to a reduction in property tax. Homeowners should discuss discrepancies with a tax assessor once they obtain their property tax card from town hall.

Building permanent fixtures such as decks, sheds, pools and patios can potentially increase a home's value along with its property tax, according to Curtis. A homeowner can contact a local tax or building department to determine how much his property tax may increase if he decides to build onto his home, and then wait until after a tax assessor views his property before making improvements to the interior or exterior.

An individual should also accompany the tax assessor while his home is being evaluated, explains Curtis. Assessors may note the good and improved portions of the home that can increase property tax but neglect to take note of old appliances, roofing in need of repair and other problem areas.

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