What Are Some Tips for Purchasing Cheap Outdoor Banners?


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When purchasing outdoor banners, select a material compatible with the local weather. A mesh banner allows wind to pass through better than a solid vinyl banner. Cutting a series of wind slits in vinyl banners is another alternative, but doing so weakens the banner.

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Use a template to plan out the banner's design ahead of time. Many banner and sign printers offer their own customized templates to potential customers. Make sure any graphics or logos are small enough to fit on the banner while still being legible at a distance. Leave a buffer of blank space around all lettering and graphics so none of the printed area is cut off when hanging the banner. Ask at least one other person to proofread the text, as spelling errors in advertising banners can ruin a company's image.

Purchase hanging materials that are sturdy enough to handle the banner size and material you have chosen. Use metal grommets to reinforce the edges of the banner and provide anchor points for hanging. Save money with one-sided printing on banners intended to hang on a wall or in areas out of the customers' sight. High-traffic areas may need two-sided banners or two one-sided banners hung back-to-back.

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