What Are Some Tips for Pricing Items at Garage Sales?


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Tips for pricing items at garage sales include organizing the merchandise into categories based on use, such as clothing or books, making small groups of items with a blanket price and choosing rounded numbers in common denominations. Some sellers may also wish to check online auction sites to determine the cost of high-end or designer prices, setting them lower to compensate for the setting.

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Before pricing individual items at a garage sale, begin by organizing all the items into sections according to their type, separating any damaged or dirty items to clean or remove from the sale completely. This allows the seller to create multiple, smaller sections of similar items and set a single price for all the items in the section. For example, set the price of all the T-shirts at $1 each and all the jeans at $5 each. The price should represent the style and quality of the items.

Another tactic is to separate any designer or luxury items and find out their sale price on an auction site, then price them in a similar yet lower range. This prevents too-high pricing, while keeping them at a reasonable selling point for a yard sale. All prices should be full dollar or coin values to make it easier for buyers to pay quickly.

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