What Are Some Tips for Preparing for the State Board Cosmetology Exam?

Tips for preparing for a State Board of Cosmetology exam include taking practice tests that simulate the written portion, learning the order of the different procedures for the written section and identifying the materials you need to bring to the exam. It is also important to learn the correct order of steps for the practical portion and make sure you have the appropriate identification.

Earning a cosmetology license involves passing an exam that includes a written portion, with up to 100 multiple-choice questions that cover basic knowledge of the profession, and a practical portion that acts as a demonstration of techniques to a proctor. Prepare for the written portion by reading through study guides specifically meant for the cosmetology exam, as they present the information in a similar fashion to the way it appears on the actual test. It can also help to take practice tests, which not only strengthen existing knowledge but identify the areas that need additional review.

In many cases, the student needs to bring his own materials and equipment for the practical portion, though some locations my provide some items, such as sanitation solution. Students should check with the exam location to find out what materials to bring before the day of the exam. Prior to the test, students should also study the exact order of procedures, as it is a key component of the practical portion.