What Are Some Tips on Preparing for the Civil Service Exam?

Tips for civil service exam preparation are to know the position requirements, identify available study resources specific to the position, and review areas of personal weakness such as lack of experience or limited subject knowledge. Next, outline and follow a preparation schedule allowing time for focused study and practice.

Civil service job announcements include testing information, test topics and suggested reading lists, and study guides and practice tests are usually available. Most civil service exams are written and may include multiple choice, essay questions and reasoning exercises. Some are oral, and others include a performance component, such as typing or tests of physical strength. Tests vary by position, making research prior to exam preparation essential.

If no study guide is available, check online or at local libraries for study guides and sample tests in fields related to the position. The job description is also a good resource. Use the duties and responsibilities of the position to identify areas that are likely to be included in the test. If supervision is a key responsibility of the position, use prep time to review contemporary principles of supervision and performance management.

Whether using a study guide or other materials, take notes of key points and concepts to increase comprehension. Reviewing these notes as the test date approaches is a good way to keep the knowledge accessible.