What Are Tips for Posting Job Openings?

Some helpful ideas for posting job openings include making posts easy-to-read, adding relevant details, using familiar titles and including keywords. Well-written postings increase the likelihood of attracting suitable candidates, notes CareerBuilder.com.

Easy-to-read job postings help candidates review postings more effectively. Using paragraph breaks, bullet points, HTML and other formatting methods creates reader-friendly job postings that emphasize the post's most relevant aspects.

Detailed descriptions of a job opening stir a candidate's interest. The more information provided, the more candidates usually apply, adds CareerBuilder.com. Job postings should list the title of a position, a description of the job and its requirements, the duties and benefits and some information about the company hiring for the job.

Job titles should be familiar and clear to candidates. Employment seekers who are unable to understand what the position is are not likely to apply. Use both the full title and any common abbreviations associated with the position; for example, use "registered nurse" and "RN." Some job seekers use the complete title to search and others use the abbreviation, so including both increases the chance the post is seen by a wider audience.

Keywords are frequently used by job seekers to find available positions that are a good fit. These include the job title, company name, qualifications and benefits. Using multiple keywords ensures candidates can find the available position even if they do not enter every potential keyword.