What Are Some Tips for Planning a Certificate Presentation Ceremony?


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Tips for planning a certification presentation ceremony include creating a budget before the event, choosing a space that accommodates all attendees and outlining the process for disseminating awards to recipients. It is also helpful to determine the events preceding and following the ceremony, and to choose an emcee that can tell a moving or humorous story relevant to the certification.

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Event planners should begin by determining the budget for the ceremony, as it dictates the possibilities for event size, style and other features. Following budgetary guidelines, it is possible to determine the full schedule for the ceremony, including the presence of a reception or dinner following the events. When choosing a space for the ceremony, it is helpful to consider the total number of attendees, including recipients, to ensure that it is large enough to house everyone. The space also needs to accommodate the presentation method, such as allowing recipients to come onto a stage to receive the certification.

If the event is to include decorations, event planners should purchase them in advance and pick items that fit the theme of the ceremony, such as a graduation from the certification course. The event also needs a host, known as an emcee, to read the names of each recipient and explain the purpose of the event..

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