What Are Some Tips for Paying a Telephone Bill Online?


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Research the online security features for the telephone company’s website. Encryption software should be used, as well as a sign-out session for inactivity for a period of time. Clear your computer’s cache to remove cookies and browser history after entering sensitive information.

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Do not click links to websites in email notifications received from the telephone company. Instead, go directly to the website using the Web browser, or use a bookmark from when the account was established. This offers protection against bogus or fraudulent links. Contact the telephone company directly regarding questionable emails.

When paying the bill, have relevant banking information on hand. Sign out as soon as the transaction is complete. Keep an eye out for confirmation emails; if a confirmation email is not received, contact the telephone company. Change your password frequently and utilize security questions whenever possible.

When establishing automatic payments, choose a payment withdrawal date a few days before the due date; in the event of a failed transactions, there is still time to remedy the bill. Run weekly scans on your personal computer, and do not use public facilities to pay bills online.

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