What Are Some Tips for Passing the California Real Estate Exam?

What Are Some Tips for Passing the California Real Estate Exam?

Some tips for passing the California real estate exam include arriving early at the examination venue, taking ample time when answering the test, avoiding distractions and not rushing through the test. California real estate examinations are in a multiple-choice format, with the answer to each question selected from four given choices, according to the California Government Bureau of Real Estate.

The following are a few simple tips for passing the California Real Estate examinations, notes First Time Real Estate.

  1. Complete easier answers first
  2. California real estate exams usually has about 100 questions. Exam takers should take on questions that they can confidently answer and then return to the questions they have skipped later.

  3. Arrive early
  4. Get to the examination venue around 1 hour before the scheduled time. Arriving early will help calm the nerves and allow time for a quick review before the test.

  5. Rest on the night before the exam
  6. The night before the exam should be set aside for rest. It is better to review before heading out to the venue.

  7. Avoid distractions
  8. Take care of little details to avoid anything that will cause distraction during the exam. These include leaving mobile devices in the car and eating a full meal before the exam.

  9. Do not rush
  10. Manage the time allotted for the test wisely. Tests for salesperson certification has a time allowance of 3 hours and 15 minutes and 5 hours for broker certification.

  11. Breathe, be confident and relax
  12. All these tips are easily brought together by simply being relaxed and confident while taking the test.