What Are Some Tips for Organizing a Garage Sale?


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Tips for organizing a garage sale include collecting clutter in advance, developing a plan, teaming up, and choosing the right location and timing. Putting clear price stickers on all the items for sale helps customers to know exactly how much to pay for the items they are interested in buying.

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Putting items that are no longer needed in a designated area helps to make collecting garage sale items easier. A good plan involves clearing out clutter at least a week before the garage sale in order to help take stock of the items available to sell. Take time to organize and price everything at least two days before the garage sale.

Including family and friends in the garage sale helps to add more inventory, make more money and ensure things run smoothly. Friends and family can donate unwanted items to sell, and the proceeds can be divided up as agreed where necessary. Including other people in the sale means customers have more variety in types and sizes of items offered.

Finally, a successful garage sale should be held at a location that is easily accessible to potential customers. Consider hosting the sale at a friend’s or relative’s house if the current location does not have a lot of foot traffic. It is equally important to time the sale during good weather to increase the chances of people coming. Early on a Saturday morning is typically the best time to host a garage sale.

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