What Are Some Tips for Opening a Hair Salon?


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Starting a hair salon business requires a business plan, ample startup funds, an inventory management program and a highly visible location. Sketching out a short business plan is a good way to create a road map for how the business is going to operate and to define its appeal to customers. Decide on an ideal market segment, and advertise the salon to a broad range of customers or to upscale customers.

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Find a business mentor who can provide advice and suggestions for a new salon during the planning stages. Mentors can help new salon owners avoid costly mistakes. A key factor in attracting customers to a new hair salon is offering flexibility for scheduling appointments. Salons operating in metropolitan areas usually operate at least six days per week, and salons commonly open around 10 o'clock in the morning and close around 9 o'clock in the evening. Sunday hours are optional, but the trend is to offer customers hair styling services on Sundays, and some holidays.

Hair cutting and styling prices must be set just right to attract regular customers. Research hair salon service rates in the area where the new salon is located, and set prices that are competitive with other salons. Prices must bring in enough profit to cover labor, supplies and overhead expenses.

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