What Are Some Tips for Onboarding New Employees?


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Some tips for onboarding new employees include to announce new hires to the rest of the employees, to keep in touch with them prior to their first day of work and to let them in on company jokes and/or jargon. Further, explaining to them how to do small things such as how to use the photocopier and also what kind of etiquette is expected throughout the company can also help the hires succeed in their new roles.

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When announcing new hires to the rest of the team, include some information about who they are and why they have been chosen for the new role. Also, give the team the contact details of the new hire and schedule a lunch or meeting where everyone can break the ice. Prior to the new hires' first day of work, send them paperwork so that it can be completed early to free up the first day for actual work. Include them in emails as soon as possible, as well, to give them a sense of community.

Many companies have specific acronyms, so informing new hires of them can decrease any confusion that might arise in the hires' first days. Letting new hires know that the company does have fun from time to time in and out of work can also be beneficial.

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