What Are Some Tips for a New Home Walkthrough?


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Tips for a new home walkthrough include thoroughly inspecting the exterior of the property, testing all components of the interior, obtaining a certificate of occupancy and hiring a home inspector to accompany owners on their walkthrough, states Wendy Herndon for the Bradenton Patch. In addition, working with a real estate professional, rather than directly with the builder, provides added guidance.

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For the exterior, buyers should ensure the ground around the foundation slopes away from the house and the roof does not have broken or cracked tiles, according to Herndon. Also, painted surfaces should be smooth and well covered, and windows and doors should have a tight seal. Buyers should bring their copy of the contract to make sure the landscaping matches their orders.

In the interior of the home, doors must open and close properly, flooring should be level, with no defects in the carpeting or tile, and mouldings and trim must fit tightly. All appliances should work correctly and be free of nicks or scratches, reports Herndon. Testing the electrical outlets with a small radio can quickly identify any defects in the wiring. Turning on the air conditioning and heating elements, and the doorbell, intercom and garage door are next on the checklist. Checking the condition of support beams, duct work, the attic and insulation is also necessary before signing off on the purchase.

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