What Are Some Tips for Naming a New Business?


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When naming a new business, choose a name that is easy to remember and to say out loud, and avoid trendy names, since in a few years they aren't trendy anymore. Research the name thoroughly to be sure it is not already being used.

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Some business names look good on paper but don't sound good out loud. Say the name out loud to be sure it is catchy and easy to remember. This helps with branding opportunities down the line. Also, make sure the name makes sense. If someone is telling her friend about the business, that friend should be able to understand what she is saying.

A name that describes the business and shows a benefit is good, says Entrepreneur. Having a benefit in the name helps to avoid names that are too vague or simplistic. It is good to have a short name, but it also needs to be creative so people distinguish that business from similar ones.

Avoid using terms that are too trendy and might be out of style in a few years. Avoid names that are misspelled, unless the pun is for humorous purposes and would further add to the business image. Not only do misspellings look unprofessional, but misspellings are often not typed correctly during searches, which keeps people from finding a business they heard about.

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