What Are Some Tips for Naming a Farm?

What Are Some Tips for Naming a Farm?

Finding a name that represents an element of the farm's character, such as historical background, a geographical characteristic or a sentimental story, is a good way to begin the name selection process. It's also important to pick a name that accurately represents the purpose of the farm.

Many farms get their names based on their historical heritage, an element which individuals can research in archived newspapers or county records. Farm owners with a specific cultural heritage can incorporate words or phrases that testify to their heritage.

If an owner is trying to market the farm's products or services to potential customers, he should consider how the farm's name is received by their target consumer. The name should not be offensive or suggestive.

UCAR.edu advises limiting the farm name to three words using the following formula: placing a participle with a name of an animal, then adding the word farm or ranch to the end.

When choosing a name that employs multiple words, farm owners should consider the acronym made by the words to avoid any undesired abbreviations. Spiritually-conscious farm owners can incorporate religious verbiage into a farm name. UCAR.edu also advises that farm names be simple and, ultimately, memorable, by avoiding any confusing phrasing or colloquial words.