What Are Some Tips for Naming a Business?


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Tips for naming a business include keeping it short and easy to pronounce, choosing one that is available on the appropriate social media platforms, focusing on a name that conveys the meaning of the company, and avoiding unnecessary stylizations. It may also help to choose a name that sounds appropriate when said aloud and can fit comfortably on an icon.

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Choosing the name for a business involves considering the purpose of the company to create a list of terms and concepts relevant to its purpose and industry, as this allows customers to make connections with the name and the potential products. The owner should also focus on shorter names, sometimes under 10 letters, to make it easier for customers to remember, which also means that it takes up less space in marketing materials or publications. The name should also be easy to pronounce, as confusing spellings reduce brand effectiveness and the likelihood of being remembered.

Once a business owner has a list of potential names, she should check all the relevant social media accounts to ensure that they are not already taken. Choosing a name that is not available means having to create alternate names across accounts, which dilutes the company's brand identity and increases the chance of confusion. The name also needs to be available through the appropriate domain name and top level domain extension. The business name should also fit into an icon without losing impact.

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