What Are Some Tips on Media Training?


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The first and the most important media training tip is to have no fear of the interview. The less apprehensive a person is about being interviewed, the better. The focus should be on getting comfortable with the reporter, and giving him a story that he can confidently take to his editors.

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A simple media training tip is to be honest with reporters and avoid giving them misleading information. This is why it makes sense to come prepared to the interview with relevant notes. Being informed on the topic to be discussed should be a top priority. During the interview, if the interviewee is unsure about the answer to a question, she should come back to it later. If she is unclear about the question itself, she should ask for clarification. Since an interview is not a legal hearing, interviewees are allowed to keep some proprietary information to themselves.

Another tip to make the most of the interview is to be upfront with the reporters. If an interviewee hears any statement that she does not agree with, she should speak up; otherwise, the reporter is likely to think that the interviewee agrees with him. Finally, back up all answers with facts and figures. A vague opinion will not interest a good reporter.

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