What Are Some Tips for Making a Personal Agenda?


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Creating a personal agenda starts with taking 30 minutes to make a list of tasks that happen each day of the week. Tasks can be divided into things that already happen and things that do not happen regularly but need to be incorporated.

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The list is written in as much detail as possible, including routines for getting ready for work or school, preparation needed for each meal, daily errands, exercise schedules and home organizing routines. After all the information is listed, a timetable is created and broken down into morning, midday and evening. The morning section focuses on getting out of the house but is also reserved for tasks that require critical thinking. Midday tasks are reserved for routine things, such as answering emails, doing research for projects or recipes, setting appointments or running errands. Evening tasks are meant for planning the next day and home organization tasks.

Activities are matched to the appropriate time of day. There must be room for flexibility, and some tasks may need to be rearranged. Once a suitable agenda is determined, it is maintained for at least 30 days and then reassessed to assure the best possible routine. Agendas are kept in a planner, a calendar or any means to record activity either digitally or by hand.

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