What Are Some Tips for Making Your Own Invoices for Free?

Free online tools exist at InvoiceTo.me, Invoice-Generator.com and Create.OnlineInvoices.com to print out free invoices. Each of these websites offers templates, allowing easy adaptation to personal needs. It is also possible to generate an invoice using Excel.

To create an invoice in Excel, begin by opening a new workbook. On the left-hand side of the dialogue box is the Microsoft Office Online section that includes an invoices category. Connection to the Internet is necessary to make the function work. Various invoices, such as basic product invoices as well as specific types of services are available. Download the chosen invoice.

To make an invoice, have the following information ready: company name and address, logo, customer ID number (if applicable), payment terms and official payee name to receive check payments. The invoice should include the description of products delivered, new invoice number, updated terms (if applicable), due date and the customer's mailing address.

To keep invoices organized, save the created file under the name of the company with the invoice number. Each time a new invoice is created, the new invoice number can be created.

Once created, invoices can be saved as PDFs and sent electronically, or simply printed out to be sent to the customer.