What Are Some Tips for Looking for Employment?


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Tips for searching for employment include reaching out to companies of interest, focusing on the quality of available jobs, networking, keeping a record of applications and tailoring resumes. It is also suggested that job-seekers practice talking about their skill sets, education, experience and personal facts relevant to the position in question.

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Job-seekers are encouraged to research companies of interest instead of submitting blind resumes to any job opening available. This process ensures that the employee is not only satisfied with the opportunity, but that skill sets and experience more closely match what is needed. It is also recommended that the applicants mention what specifically interests them about the company when submitting a resume and cover letter. This shows a genuine interest in the company and its goals. Another tip for searching for employment is paying more attention to the quality of a potential position, as well as the quality of application materials, and focusing less on the quantity of resumes being sent.

Networking is also a key component of employment searches. Friends, relatives, neighbors and even former co-workers may not only know of open positions but also may be willing to provide character references. Social networking and social media should be utilized with caution and discretion, and it is also recommended that job-seekers search for themselves online to assure their social media presence does not portray them in a negative or inaccurate light.

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