What Are Some Tips for Locating Jumpology Coupons?

One of the best places to start looking for deals on Jumpology Trampoline Arena coupons is the establishment's own website. As far as discount coupons are concerned, however, there are no indications that Jumpology is giving out coupons as of September 2015. Patrons can still locate discount deals on admission costs by signing up on the Jumpology Facebook page or through group discounts, notes its website.

Jumpology Trampoline Arena is located at 10087 Brook Road in Glenn Allen, Virginia, and the Richmond Times Dispatch dubbed it as "The Ultimate Trampoline Park." The trampoline park offers around 8,000 square feet of trampoline-inspired recreational activities, which includes more than 50 trampolines, angled wall trampolines, launch boards and trampoline basketball and dodgeball courts, notes The Richmond Times.

An hour of "jump time" at Jumpology costs $12 as of September 2015. On Mondays and Thursdays, the trampoline park offers a Flight Pass rate of $20 for two hours. Children age six or younger on Mondays and Fridays also get to enjoy KidJump rates of $8 for one hour and $15 for two hours.

By becoming a fan of the Jumpology Facebook page, patrons can avail of a $1 discount on admission prices. Its Group Math Discount on the other hand entitles groups of 10 to 19 jumpers a $1 discount per jumper, $2 discount per jumper for 20 to 29 jumpers and $3 discount per jumper for 30 to 49 jumpers.