What Are Some Tips for Living in an Apartment?

tips-living-apartment Credit: Morsa Images/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Living in an apartment can be a major change from living in a house because the space may feel smaller or less comfortable. Several tips can make apartment living less like living in a box and more like living in a home. For example, make a small apartment look bigger by using efficient storage to reduce clutter and placing wide mirrors in rooms, notes Ron Leshnower for About.com.

Turn an apartment into a home with paint. Although many complexes frown on tenants painting the interior walls, tenants can paint the interior with permission if they promise to repaint it when they leave. If the complex prohibits painting the walls, consider adding a splash of color to the bed frame, coffee table or dining room chairs, recommends Better Homes and Gardens.

For safety reasons, a person should not advertise she lives alone in the apartment because many people may try to take advantage of the situation. Adjust the answering machine to be vague, and maintain an open line of communication with the landlord, suggests Leshnower. An amicable relationship with a landlord may also speed up maintenance issues in the future. Use remaining kitchen cupboard space for storage for office supplies and things that do not get used frequently, and maximize every storage area.