What Are Some Tips for Leasing Cheap Office Space?


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Small businesses can lease cheap office space by subleasing commercial space already leased by another company, as About.com explains. They can also save on leases by locating space themselves instead of going through brokers, by searching for non-traditional venues and limiting initial leases to one to two years. Additionally, businesses should examine lease agreements carefully. They should ensure they know what expenses they are responsible for before signing the contract, as the U.S. Small Business Administration advises.

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Subleased office space is generally less expensive than space with standard leases, explains About.com. Subleases offer small businesses the opportunity to start small and rent only the amount of space they need. The spaces are often ready to move into and have pre-existing amenities and provide access to facilities such as reception areas and conference rooms. Some subleasing businesses can also negotiate the use of office technology and administrative services.

Small businesses can often find cheap office space without a broker through the Internet or local newspapers, as About.com points out. Negotiating with lessors directly saves commission fees and may result in better deals. Sometimes, venues such as community centers or churches are willing to rent offices spaces to small businesses inexpensively. One to two year leases with options to renew benefit tenants rather than long-term leases because tenants can renegotiate in difficult economic times.

When tenants contemplate leases, they should look for hidden fees. These costs can include utilities, upkeep of shared facilities, repairs and maintenance, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

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