What Are Some Tips for Learning Gregg Shorthand?


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To learn Gregg shorthand, practice breaking down frequently used words into their phonetic segments, and learn to write the most common sounds by rote. One of the most common issues when learning Gregg shorthand is working with confusing sounds and unfamiliar word openings. Beginners should aim for accuracy over speed, and it is advisable to re-transcribe the same audio several times to develop accuracy before working with new tapes when they have 95 percent accuracy on the first tape.

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Learning Gregg shorthand requires regular practice. Beginners should focus on building familiarity with the kind of industry specific jargon and terminology required in the industry. In addition, it is more effective to engage in frequent, short note-taking sessions of 30 minutes each than to cram several hours of practice into one day.

Gregg shorthand is a phonetic system, where the words are written as they would be spoken rather than as they appear on the page. Unlike Pittman shorthand, Gregg shorthand features vowels written as hooks or circles attached to consonants.

In Gregg shorthand, a word is 1.4 syllables long. For example, the word "uncertainty" counts as more than one word, while the word "we" is not a full word. Beginners should work with clear audio tapes in areas with minimal distractions so that they can focus on remembering the strokes and shapes. Once the user develops listening skills, the shorthand alphabet becomes second nature.

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