What Are Some Tips for Kids Concerning Acting Auditions?


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The most important rule for children to remember for an acting audition is to act out the audition script and not just read it, according to Dynamics Community Theater. Knowing what the play is about and arriving at the audition site early are also beneficial.

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It is best if an auditioning child acts out the script, but if the child is too young to read, he should be prepared to audition with a short poem or nursery rhyme, states Dynamics Community Theater. Individuals also should keep in mind that the audition panel observes many auditions, so bringing a picture to attach to the audition application helps the panel put a face with the name when reviewing the auditions and casting the play.

Children planning to audition for a play should prepare in such a way that they are able to enunciate each word clearly and speak slowly, pausing appropriately to relay natural meaning and emotion, notes Dynamics Community Theater. Children should also prepare themselves to keep going in case of a mistake. The audition panel and directors want to feel confident that their actors can cope when things do not go as rehearsed. Additionally, directors desire actors who have good attitudes, so it is important to be cooperative and not cocky or difficult.

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