What Are Some Tips for Keeping Time and Attendance in Your Business?


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Acquire a digital system that automatically tracks employees' hours worked in real time, manages time off and computes total time worked. This saves managers countless hours versus a manual system such as a punch clock or paper time sheet. Ideally, the digital system should be accessible from anywhere, allowing personnel to track time even when they are out of the office.

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Another important benefit of digital time and attendance systems is that they reduce entry errors. The more automated the clock in and out system is, the lower the chance of human error. Of course, users can still make mistakes so a solution that allows administrators to manually edit entries is valuable.

Time and attendance systems range from extremely simple solutions that just track hours worked to ones with much more comprehensive feature sets. Choosing the right amount of features is important. Smaller businesses with only a couple of hourly employees may want the most straightforward solution possible. However, larger operations can benefit greatly from more automation and integration with other systems such as payroll. Try to select an option that is streamlined enough for the business' current situation but also has features and expandability to meet needs that may arise in the near future.

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