What Are Some Tips for Keeping Corporate Minutes?


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To keep corporate minutes, create a standard format for the document, review the agenda prior to the meeting to identify key topics, and focus the minutes on the most important aspects of those topics during the actual meeting. Designate a specific person responsible for keeping minutes and outline a policy for the entire process.

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Keeping minutes for corporate meetings is a legal requirement for any corporation, though no specific format is required. Begin by creating an internal format for meeting minutes that includes sections for all the necessary topics, such as summaries of previous meetings, appeals or proposals, and a catalog of any major changes to the organization. This policy makes it possible for anyone to take minutes if necessary.

Prior to the start of the meeting, the person taking the minutes should review the meeting agenda to understand its length and purpose, identifying the most important topics under discussion. This ensures that the minutes include the appropriate details for those areas, as the person taking minutes knows what to expect. Some companies may create specific policies for documenting major actions, such as financial decisions or the addition of new employees, to help streamline the minutes process during those meetings.

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