What Are Some Tips for a Job Interview?


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Some tips that can help applicants make a good impression at a job interview include dressing appropriately, arriving to the interview on time, being mindful of body language and researching the company in advance. Advanced preparation helps applicants remain upbeat and confident, so they make a better first impression.

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Appropriate clothing for a job interview depends on the particular job. Even if the job does not require a business suit, applicants who present themselves in a professional manner will improve their chances. Applicants should arrive at the interview early to give themselves time to find the office and review any materials while waiting. The applicant should treat everyone they meet on the way to the interview with kindness and respect.

During the interview, applicants should remain mindful of their body language. Behavior to avoid includes fidgeting, slouching, tapping a pen or brushing back their hair. Appropriate body language includes smiling, making eye contact, shaking hands firmly and nodding to indicate active listening.

Preparing for an interview thoroughly in advance can go a long way to increasing an applicant's chances. By learning more about the job and the company, applicants are better able to focus their answers on relevant information. Advance preparation allows the applicants to ask the interviewer their own questions, which conveys more engagement and interest in the position.

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