What Are Some Tips for Increasing Productivity and Enjoyment at Work?


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Improve productivity at work by prioritizing your daily goals in a to-do list the night before. Identify the shortest and most important tasks. Optimize your time by immediately handling any tasks that can be completed in a few minutes, and divide the high-priority tasks into roughly 90-minute blocks with short breaks in between. Increase satisfaction at work by asking for more responsibility in tasks you enjoy, as employers don't always know which roles are attractive to individual employees.

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Another way to boost productivity is to limit distractions, including office chats and unnecessary meetings. Determine whether the goals of a meeting can be achieved through a quick email or phone call. Instead of frequently checking emails, schedule one or two checkpoints throughout the day to handle messages all at once. Use your lunch break and other short breaks to get out of the office, exercise and recharge your mind, so you feel refreshed when you return. Focus on one task at a time whenever possible, rather than wasting time switching between multiple tasks.

To enjoy work more, avoid spending time with co-workers who have a negative or unproductive mentality, as you are less likely to focus on positive aspects of the job. Find alternative outlets for your skills through further training or mentoring. Think about the impact your duties have on the overall success of the company, and put more effort into mastering your role and improving your efficiency.

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