What Are Some Tips for Hiring a Housekeeper?


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Hiring a housekeeper requires contemplating whether to hire an independent contractor, become the housekeeper's employer or use the services of a housekeeping company. Another decision is whether to hire a live-in housekeeper or have her come and clean during scheduled hours. Finding the best candidate for the job involves creating well-defined job duties and requiring candidates to answer a series of pointed interview questions pertaining to job experience. References and background checks should be part of the hiring process.

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A housekeeper working as an independent contractor acts as her own boss and does housecleaning for clients based upon a contractual agreement. Independent housekeepers should have liability insurance to protect against mishaps in clients' homes. Her independent status allows her to work the hours she chooses. A housekeeper employed by the owner of a residential or office space performs cleaning tasks according to employer rules. While the independent contractor sets her own fees for services, the employed housekeeper is paid a rate determined by the employer, and employers must ensure payroll taxes are deducted.

Unless the housekeeper is assigned by an agency, it's a good idea to create a work contract that includes items such as type of cleaning tasks, areas to clean, charges, billing or payroll, damages to property and work evaluations.

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