What Are Some Tips for Handling Emergency Scenarios?


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To handle emergency scenarios in the workplace properly, have an emergency action plan that includes procedures for notifying authorities, an evacuation plan, and procedures and duties of certain employees, states the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Since proper procedures vary depending on the nature of the emergency, make separate plans for situations such as natural disasters, civil disturbances, fires, explosions, medical emergencies and workplace violence.

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Evacuation plans are crucial for emergency situations, such as fires, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Have a floor plan that shows the quickest way out from each floor and room, and make sure employees are familiar with the plan. Ensure fire alarms are audible from any part of the building, and provide procedures to assist disabled employees and to account for all the employees after the evacuation.

In the case of a medical emergency, stay calm and call 911 as soon as possible, recommends WebMD. If an employee is having a heart attack, check his airway, breathing and circulation. If he is not breathing or does not have a pulse, perform CPR. The 911 dispatcher can give directions for performing CPR. If someone is bleeding profusely, apply direct pressure to the wound with a cloth. Avoid using tourniquets as they can damage tissue.

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