What Are Some Tips for Good Product Packing?


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Good product packing requires protecting the products from being damaged by using a durable, high-quality box. Correctly taping the box also helps to protect its contents.

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The H method provides a good way for taping a box. This method calls for placing tape along the middle of the box where the flaps come together, as well as on each end of the box to secure it and complete the H formation. Only use packing tape, instead of regular masking tape or cellophane tape. Packing tape is designed to be secure and work on cardboard boxes. Masking tape often seems like a good idea, but it doesn’t stick for as long.

When fragile items are shipped, use the box nesting method. Put the package with the fragile item inside one or two larger boxes, each going up in size. When placing the smaller box in the medium box, fill the edges around that box with packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Do the same thing when it is placed in the larger box. This makes it as secure as possible during the shipping process. Place tape or labels with the word “fragile” on all sides of the box.

To ship food items, store them securely in aluminum containers. This material keeps them fresh for as long as possible. Cakes and cookies can either be placed in tins or wrapped individually in plastic wrap before going in the aluminum container. Be careful of local guidelines when shipping food items, as some places do not allow it.

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