What Are Some Tips for Getting Tire Financing If You Have Bad Credit?

One option for buying tires with bad credit uses the rent-to-own model. While the company does not perform a credit check, the renter must have a job and an active checking account at least three months old, according to Dynamic Wheel and Tire. With this company, once the customer makes payments for a year, he owns the tires. The contract provides options for an early buyout, such as a 90-day, no-interest choice.

Off Road Rim Financing LLC. matches customers with banks willing to finance tires, according to the company website. It has similar qualifying terms to other tire rental companies, but some of its financing options are through loans. Upon approval, the company ships tires mounted on rims to the customer. Customers are responsible for testing the tires to ensure that they fit without any obstructions, and the company only accepts returns in limited cases.

Wheel and Tire Superstores offers three no-credit-check options for buyers, according to its SuperBuyTires.com website. Once the customer receives financing approval from the lender, he calls to complete his order. Two of the company programs give borrowers the option of early payoff at 90 days, but the third does not include this option. As of 2015, weekly payments range from $3 to $86, depending on the amount the company finances.