What Are Some Tips for Getting Free Medical Supplies?


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There are several ways to obtain free medical supplies, depending on the type of medicine and the circumstances of the individual, including a program known as Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, or FODAC, according to the organization's website. A list of other organizations that charitably provide medicine or medical supplies is available at NAFCClinics.org.

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FODAC is an organization that provides free medical supplies such as braces, wheelchairs, incontinence care items, liquid nutrition, and supplies for wound care, according to FODAC.org. Contact information for FODAC is available on the website for those interested in receiving free medical supplies for a clinic or organization, or for a family in need. FODAC also collaborates with disaster relief organizations and local free clinics to provide free medical supplies through other organizations.

More diverse options for free medical supplies are availble through the partners list at the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics website, at NAFCClinics.org. One example is AmeriCares, which donates medicine and free medical supplies to people in need. DirectRelief USA similarly provides free medication and medical supplies to those who visit their community clinics. The website also offers information about other free clinics, which can be contacted for more information about whether they provide free medical supplies or medications.

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