What Are Some Tips for Getting a Lot of Points for Credit Card Rewards?


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Credit card reward program users should know how their reward cards work and look for bonus opportunities to receive more reward points, as Bankrate claims. Maximizing credit card rewards is possible using advance planning, choosing the right card and paying balances off each month whenever possible.

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Reward programs operate differently depending on the card and issuing company, as Bankrate reports. Card users should study the program rules to determine which spending categories apply and whether restrictions such as travel blackout dates apply. Some cards offer cash back based on a percentage of total spending, and card users should determine if any spending caps apply in specific categories. Total rewards may be limited to a cap or may change based on the quarter, for example.

Bonus opportunities may allow card users to significantly increase the number of points they earn, as Bankrate suggests. These rewards are often based on specific time periods, purchases or product categories. Registration for bonus rewards may be required, and consumers should also consider shopping using online retail websites provided by the credit card issuer to qualify for special bonuses. Paying off card balances each month also allows card holders to maximize the benefits they receive from rewards cards by minimizing interest payments and fees.

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