What Are Some Tips for Getting a Courier Delivery Job?


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To get a courier delivery job, keep a clean driving record and criminal background. Hone skills that are applicable to both customer service and delivery occupations. Additionally, be physically prepared to meet the demands of the job.

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Courier delivery jobs often do not require a high school diploma or GED, but they do require a certain set of skills. Applicants should indicate a strong customer service background on their resume, as well as the ability to follow orders. Maintaining detailed records and sticking to a rigid schedule are requirements for a courier's job; mention your excellent grades or positive experiences in prior employment. You also need a strong sense of direction and a general knowledge of their city. Many courier positions have unconventional hours; inform potential employers about your ability to accommodate these hours, as well as any overtime that may be involved.

The physical demands of a courier delivery job may include lifting 50 to 75 pounds. Some courier jobs involve riding a bike. To prove that you can meet these demands, be in good shape when applying and maintain that level of fitness throughout employment.

Freelance couriers are responsible for providing a vehicle and insurance, but their take-home rate is consistently higher than those working for a company. Freelance courier jobs are found on job boards run by the Messenger Courier Association of America and; a small fee, you can access all job requests. You then submit a bid, and the client can either accept or reject it.

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