What Are Some Tips for Getting Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes?


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People seeking cheaper car insurance quotes should reduce coverage for older vehicles, raise their deductibles, indicate if they are infrequent drivers, look for discounts, and protect their cars from theft, notes About.com. People should also seek quotes for budget insurance from various carriers, as risk assessment practices that dictate their rates may vary.

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Collision coverage pays for damages to policyholders' vehicles and makes up a large portion of insurance costs, notes About.com. People who own older vehicles, particularly those who own their cars outright, can save money by not including collision coverage in their policies. Car owners can also get cheaper car insurance quotes by raising their deductibles, the amount paid out of pocket for repairs above insurance coverage. Policies with high deductibles have lower monthly payments.

People who do not drive often should indicate as such to their insurance agents, as infrequent drivers and those that carpool may get cheaper insurance, states About.com. Insurance companies offer discounts that make car insurance cheaper, such as those for teen drivers and teens with good grades. People with garage-kept cars and alarm systems may qualify for a discount on their auto insurance, as may those who install wheel locks or ignition cut-off switches. To check prices with various carriers, people searching for budget car insurance can use online quoting websites or contact agents who work with multiple carriers.

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