What Are Some Tips for Frugal Family Fun?


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Ideas for low-cost or no-cost family fun include bike riding, kite flying, playing Frisbee, playing badminton and visiting local museums. Families may also want to obtain a family fun pass to the local zoo. Gardening is yet another activity that is fun and affordable. BetterBudgeting.com adds that establishing a family game night is a creative way to save money on pastime entertainment too.

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According to Spoonful.com from Disney, one family fun game involves using pretzels for the game of pick-up sticks. Marshmallows are used for the sticks that game participants keep. To play the game, pretzel sticks, marshmallows and a plate are needed.

The game begins by piling the pretzel sticks onto a plate. Pick up one stick at a time being careful not to move any of the surrounding sticks. A turn is over after a stick moves on the plate, and play ends after all the sticks are removed. The winner is the individual with the most sticks.

Badminton is a low-cost alternative that can be played regularly. Learning to serve is the first step toward enjoying the game. According to Badminton Bible, the serve is always hit upward using an underarm motion instead of a tennis-type serve. When the shuttlecock is hit, it should be hit below the server's waist.

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