What Are Some Tips for Following up on Online Job Applications?


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When following up on a job application, contact the hiring manager, but don’t become an annoyance. Sending one response following the job application submission is usually best. Instead of just sending a response to the email address where the application was sent, look at the company’s website to try and find the email address of the hiring manager or human resources department.

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Even if the application was submitted through email, it is also acceptable to call the hiring manager a few days later to inquire about the application. Make sure the application was received, and find out if anything else is needed. This helps to keep the name of the applicant in mind when it is time to start looking through the applications.

When following up after submitting a job application, the applicant should refrain from attempting to schedule an interview. This makes it seem as if the applicant is making a demand and not waiting patiently for the regular application and interview process. Simply follow up to show there is still interest in the position. That is all that is needed during the initial follow-up.

There is also a fine line between being enthusiastic about the opportunity and appearing desperate to get this position. Always remain professional and courteous.

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